100% organic cotton

Soft, timeless & sustainable

Moonoo scarves make you shine on special occasions, and offer comfort when you need it.
It is your go-to accessory, all year round.

Each scarf is designed and produced with exceptional attention to detail.
The result is a timeless scarf in soft organic cotton, big enough to completely disappear into.

Good to know: the scarves are both created and produced in Belgium.
So you can wear your moonoo with real pride, each and every day.

100% organic cotton

made in Belgium

all year round

it all starts with a picture

The starting point for every scarf is a picture, distilled to its ultimate essence. For each scarf, two closely related colors were selected to create the typical effect: the scarves are monochrome, but not quite. That’s why we call them moonoo.

The original picture is still there, waiting to be discovered.


quality over quantity

In the fashion industry, trends change thick and fast, but moonoo consciously stays away from this kind of high turnover and frequent sales. Our timeless classics are easy to combine and the choice of premium quality organic cotton means you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite scarf for years.
made in Belgium

keep it local

We are proud that our scarves are not only designed, but also produced in Belgium by a small family-owned company.
Thanks to the personal approach and support of the knitwear atelier, we’re able to create the best possible product. We pull out all the stops to become your new favorite accessory.


"Allergic to wool, it's not always easy to find a nice, well-fitting scarf. Cotton seems to be the solution, but it's either too summery or too small or too heavy... The moonoo-scarf is the perfect size, is large but not too heavy, has a nice design and finish, falls smoothly and fits all year round. I love it!"

- Lia -

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