The clothing industry is far from being sustainable and eco-friendly. Too much cotton goes to waste and production methods are detrimental to our environment. At moonoo we try to do things differently. Every scarf is a quality product that is made to last for years. Investing in sustainable products is good for the environment, and for you.

We only use GOTS certified organic cotton. It is not just sustainable, organic cotton is also softer on your skin and breathes better, meaning you can wear your moonoo the whole year round. We strive to avoid plastics, use recycled materials for our labels, and are always on the lookout to do better.


organic cotton

top-quality long fiber
super soft, not itchy

The ‘Global Organic Textile Standard’ certification guarantees environmental and ethical sustainability throughout the entire production chain of the cotton.


keep it local

Belgium has a rich history when it comes to textiles. A Belgian knitwear atelier filled with passionate artisans is responsible for our production. Keep it local, that’s sustainable too.