light, shadows & graphic compositions

The starting point for each moonoo scarf is a picture. For this first collection, I didn’t need to look too far. I took photos in and around our home and let myself be guided by light, shadows, graphic compositions, and those little details that make all the difference.

I made a selection based on what I wanted to achieve with the scarves. I wanted a solid color, but not completely… Closely related colors bring out the design in a subtle way. The graphic lines and details lend that finishing touch.

from pixel to knitting stitch

Let’s get a little more technical. Digital photos are made up of pixels. By converting a photo into an image with just black and white pixels, you get the ideal basis for a jacquard stitch.

This conversion can be exact, without any further manipulations, like for the first moonoo collection. But you may see a bit more image manipulation in future creations. Stay tuned...