I’m Ellen Van Hee, founder of moonoo.

For 7 years, I ran my own business, alsjeblief.be. I designed birth announcement cards and candy, as well as customized fabrics. I worked with printed cotton, but even back then I had a soft spot for fine knitwear, beautiful products with a story, and cotton scarves. Add to that my dream of one day launching my own product... and moonoo was born!

With a background as a photographer and graphic designer, it’s probably no surprise that I’ve created most of this story myself: the collection, the photography, the logo, the packaging… It has given me an enormous sense of satisfaction. With moonoo I am finally launching my own beautiful product with a unique story. I couldn’t be more proud!

team effort

Even though I do a lot myself, I can’t do it all alone. Moonoo is a real team effort. That’s why I prefer to use ‘we’ when I’m talking about moonoo. Collaboration isn’t just essential, it’s also a lot more fun!

Every week you’ll find me in my favorite coworking space, LikeBirds. A fantastic, stimulating place to work, but more importantly, a great community. We help each other make progress, give feedback, collaborate…
Without LikeBirds, there would be no moonoo!

my family

Last but not least, my family, my biggest supporters who have been with me every step of the way. Bart, who gave me the push I needed to start my own story. Oona, a stand-in model with real flair, and Mina, who loves making color combinations with the samples.

We love being out and about but are just as happy to spend a weekend at home making delicious pizzas in our wood-fired oven. These magical moments together are so precious, and they also create many #moonoomoments.


images LINED: Silvie Bonne Photography